Printing Blankets for Rotary & Flat Bed Printing Machines

PTFE Glass Coated Fabric Belts for Dryer of Rotary/Flat Bed

Rotary Nickel Screens for Rotary Printing Machine

Photo Engraving Materials (Flat Bed & Rotary Machine)

Stenter Clips for Monfort, Bruckner, Artos, Famatex, Krantz, Etc.

Raising Fillets for Raising Machine

Bolting Cloth/Silk/Polyester for Flat Bed Printing Machine

PET, PP Spun Bonded Non Woven Fabrics

Titanium Dioxide (Rutile grade,  Anatase grade)

Optical Brightening Agent for 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester

Thickener for Textile Pigment Printing

TDyestuff for textile Reactive, VAT, Disperse Dyes etc, etc.